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Italian music sensation Claudio Baglioni has recorded and released the Maltese song L-Aħħar Bidwi F'Wied il-Għasel on an internationally published single, marking the first time a Maltese song in the Maltese language has been released by an international artist of worldwide fame.

Italian music enthusiasts, who attended Baglioni's CiaO'Scia' concert at the Valletta Waterfront last August, which also saw the participation of Riccardo Cocciante and Gianni Morandi, were already pleasantly surprised to hear Baglioni sing the Maltese song. His interpretation was greatly appreciated by the crowd.

Baglioni is said to have been so impressed by the song's haunting, ethnic, Mediterranean melody, as well as the sound of the Maltese language and the content of the lyrics that he decided to record and release it.

Now, to the pleasure of his fans, L-Aħħar Bidwi F'Wied il-Għasel has been released as a single CD on the SONY/BMG label.

Composed by Paul Abela, with lyrics by Alfred C. Sant, it was originally released by the late Maltese singer Sammy Bartolo and New Cuorey.

Sandra Sandroval from Babyzeen.com said she was thrilled that their song has been released by one of the greatest Italian singers of all time.

As a musician and singer, Baglioni made it big in the 1970s with the song Questo Piccolo Grande Amore and has had an internationally acclaimed career ever since, with such hits as Strada Facendo, A Modo Mio and others.

What is important is that the legendary Baglioni has recorded a Maltese song in Maltese, the official said. The CD is on sale at D'Amato Record Shop in Valletta. On it is also Baglioni's interpretation of Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu, otherwise known as Volare.


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